"Flash 5 Cartooning" by Mark Clarkson

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If you like the flash cartoons posted in this web site and would like to make your own , the first book that I would recommend is defenitely " Flash 5 Cartooning " by Mark Clarkson. This excellant book takes you step by step from explaining the drawing tools in Flash 5 to advanced animation techniques, mouth synching, and cinematic effects etc. Extremely , well-written with superb color illustrations. You do not have to be an advanced Flash user to keep up with it. This book is a must if you are interested in the art of Flash cartooning. The book comes with a CD with lots of tutorials.

The author is a great guy and he has a web site and I also e-mailed few times and he is more than happy to answer any questions you have.



"Flash Character animation " by Sam Purcell

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I just purchased this book. Not a bad one. It shows you some of the flash animation techniques used by different , well-known , flash cartoonists , like Mark Fiorra and Todd Gallina. I think it is more suited to the more advanced user who would like to see and learn different techniques . I though it is a bit over-priced , but it comes with a CD that contain some really cool music loops to use in your animations plus lots of tutorials that shows you the original art-work of different animators.

"Photoshop 6 Down and Dirty tricks " by Scott Kelby

This is book is a how-to-do book that explains all the cool tricks and effects that you can do with photoshop 6. The author is a well know editor in photoshop user magazine. Some really nice tricks and special effects.

"The Photoshop 6 WOW book " by Dayton and Davis

For die-hard photoshop 6 fans , this is the ultimate book to obtain. The book title speaks for itself. It explains you all the features of this program in sections that contain tutorials. It has more information per page than any other photoshop book. Superb color illustrations. It comes with a CD that has all the tutorials and the imges required, plus a collection of some really neat styles that you can apply in photoshop. A must-purchase for any photoshop 6 user !

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" The art of cartooning with Flash " bu Kuramato , Leib and Gary

I just bought this one . It's a brand new release and looks promising. I am working my way through it. It's laid out in a way similair to "Flash 5 cartooning" and it but assumes good knowledge of using Flash tools. If you are really new to Flash , you are better off with "Flash 5 cartooning". It emphasizes the basic principles of animation and then goes on to discuss more advanced techniques. Comes with a CD with exercises and tutorials. The writer has good sense of humor. The twinkleland studio guys laying out their secrets in this one.

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I just bought this book ( July 2002 ). I was waiting for it because the author is a well known authority in digiatal cartooning. I must say the lay out is really visually stimualting. I read chapter 4 " reusing and recycling" and the author gives some great ideas to save time in your projects, which never occured to me althought I have made several cartoons. The art work is FANTASTIC and there are interviews with top-notch animators. The CD Rom contains the orginal work of some cartoons and lots more. I highly recommend it .