Flash is an exciting program by which you can desgin highly dynamic and interactive web pages. I have desigend some of the components of this web site with Macromedia flash. I am by no means an expert in this program and I am learning it bit by bit.

I have chosen some useful links for those of you who are interedted in learning the program. You can download the prgram as a trial and discover its amazing features and potentials.

Cartooning 'How-to' resources :

Good site for those of you who would like to learn flash cartooning. Nice lessions.
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Other general flash resources :

Good site with basic tutorials about flash


موقع يحتوى على دروس أساسية للمبتدئين.

A site with a huge archieve of tutorilas encompassing various levels ( beginner - expert )


موقع يحتوى على ارشيف ضخم للمبتدئين و المتقدمين.

Extretme Flash. Another excellant site for both flash and Adobe Photoshop with lots of tutorials.


 اكستريم فلاش موقع لفلاش و فوتوشوب مع دروس عديدة.

A site with little more advanced tutorials for advanced users.


موقع مناسب أكثر للمستخدمين المتقدمين.

A huge resource for flash with lots of ready-made flash movis that you can download and use in your site, sounds for flash and a huge fonts archieve.


موقع ممتاز يحتوى على أفلام فلاشية جاهزة من الممكن تنزيلها و استخدامها في موقعك مباشرة. كما يحتوى على أصوات لفاش أيضا.

This site contains easy tutorials for flash and a forum where you can find answeres to your questions.


موقع يحتوى على دروس للمبتدئين كما يحتوى على منتدى حوار بالانجايزى .

A new site for flash junkies !very huge and very comprehensive.

موقع حديث و ناجح لفلاش. ضخم جدا !!!!!

Become Flassh 5 Master ( Web monkey )